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Alarm system — Electronic Security in Tweed, NSW
A quality security company is about more than top-level products—we also provide alarm system monitoring for a complete and highly effective service. Our experienced team here at Advanced Alarms Tweed keeps a close eye on your property through back-to-base and GPRS monitoring.
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About our alarm system monitoring

Advanced Alarms Tweed offers alarm system monitoring to ensure your home or business is always protected, and that there is a fast response if an intrusion does occur. We offer 24/7 security surveillance to ensure your property never goes a second without adequate protection.
Back to base monitoring — Electronic Security in Tweed, NSW

Back-to-base monitoring

If you have a monitoring package with Advanced Alarms Tweed, your alarm will send a signal to our 24/7 security control room whenever there is a breach in the system. We assess the issue and respond immediately—contacting you and/or emergency services, depending on the situation.
GPRS alarm — Electronic Security in Tweed, NSW

GPRS alarm monitoring

GPRS alarm monitoring offers a higher level of security, as it utilises a GPRS network. This type of system is wireless and connected via the network which means an intruder cannot disconnect your system. Alerts go straight to the monitoring centre, with polling done at regular intervals. Should a poll be missed, the control room operator receives an alert on their system. They can attempt to contact the client to check whether there is a problem or if it was a false alarm.
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Why choose us

We work hard to keep all our clients safe, 24/7. When you choose Advanced Alarms Tweed, you can sleep well knowing there is a security professional available to promptly respond, should any disturbances occur. Additionally, we offer competitive prices and our friendly team takes pride in exceptional customer service.
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Get in touch

Give us a call today if you want to learn more about our alarm system monitoring. We tailor our service specifically to each client and can work closely with you to provide the proper protection for your home or business.