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Advanced Alarms Tweed offers high-quality security alarm systems to detect intruders and also deter would-be intruders from breaking into your property. We believe safety is vital to any home or business and pride ourselves on helping our clients remain safe and secure at all times.
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About our security alarm systems

Our security alarm systems are user-friendly and can be armed with a single button. They also feature a 24-hour panic button in case of emergency. Reed switches, contacts and heavy-duty door switches are installed for the detection of break-ins via doors and windows. Should you require an alarm system that can be partially armed, our team can design it!
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Proven deterrent to break-ins

Security alarm systems not only alert others that your home or business is being broken into, but also work as a deterrent for potential intruders. You can protect your people, property and profits with our security alarm systems.
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User-friendly system

Our sophisticated and complex security alarm systems have a user-friendly design. They can be set to arm themselves, with remote controls also used to arm and disarm the system manually.
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High-frequency sirens

Our security alarms have high-frequency sirens and a flashing blue strobe light to repel intruders. You can keep your home or business as safe as possible at all times with our alarm systems.
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Why choose us

We first opened in 2000. Since then, we have committed ourselves to providing home and business owners in Tweed and the surrounding community with an easy to use, safe and reliable security alarm system. It is our mission to keep our community safe, and we do all we can for each client.
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Get in touch

We believe every home and business should be well equipped with a security alarm system of some form to minimise risk of break-ins. If you are interested in learning more, contact our team via phone or email today, and we can provide more information on our security alarm systems.